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Institute of Maternal and Child Research (IDIMI)

In 1955 in the old Manuel Arriaran Children´s Hospital a small number of clinicians and basic researchers from the University of Chile and the National Health System developed the first Chilean Laboratory of Pediatric Research. Subsequently, in 1956 Dr. Francisco Beas established the first pediatric outpatient clinic for children with endocrine disorders. In 1962, Dr Beas created the first Pediatric Endocrinology and Genetics Unit in Chile.

By 1965 the Laboratory of Pediatric Research and the Outpatient Clinic moved to the Amazonas Street building, which led to the incorporation of other subspecialists to the medical staff, such as pediatric gynecologists. In that Building, a Unit for inpatient studies, as well as for outpatient endocrine and metabolic studies was developed. In 1969, the Medicine Nobel Prize Winner Dr Rossalyn S. Yallow, visited Dr. Beas and collaborated with her expertise to develop the immunoassay for plasma hCG, which led to the development of the current radioimmunoassay laboratory. Soon thereafter a genetics laboratory started to function in those facilities.

In the year 1973, Dr. Luigi Devoto, a prominent young gynecologist was invited to join the laboratory to organize the Human Reproduction Unit, which represented a bold step as the first infertility clinic in the National Health System. In 1979 the Maternal and Child Research Center moved from Amazonas Street to the new Paula Jaraquemada Hospital (currently San Borja Arriarán Hospital).

In 1988 the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, Professor Dr. Aleksandar Goic G., and the Chancellor of the University, Professor Juan de Dios Vial., approved the creation of the Institute of Maternal and Child Research (IDIMI), with a direct administrative dependence from the Faculty of Medicine (Decree Nº 3189/13). In 1989, a legal agreement between the National Health Service and the University of Chile led to assignation of space for the development of the Laboratories and Clinics used by IDIMI at the San Borja Arriarán Hospital. Thus, IDIMI has a legal corp, a defined budget, and a number of human resources within it’s facilities.

Currently the IDIMI is led by a Director who is an academic with the hierarchy of assistant professor or professor named by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Faculty, a Deputy Director named by the Director and a Consultant Board formed by the Director, the Deputy Director, the Chiefs of Programs and the Chiefs of Units.

Director: Ariel Fuentes García

Deputy Director: María Cecilia Johnson Pena

Consultant Board:
Fernando Cassorla G., Director of the Pediatric Endocrinology and Genetics Program.
Luigi Devoto C., Director of the Human Reproduction Program.
Pablo Céspedes P., Chief of the Assisted Reproduction Unit.
Andrea Castro G., Chief of the Unit of Molecular & Reproductive Andrology.